VVVV 3D Audioparticlemeteors™

September 16, 2020 Karl Schauer-Dejo

VVVV 3D Audioparticlemeteors™

Floating gravitational spheres/cubes/whatever you want them to be that are controlled by your favorite song. Using bullet physics and a gravitational center. The strength of the pull is controlled by the audio, so is the size of the objects and the echo/glow/blend effects. Tweaked until it looked cool. Maneuver through the cool 3 dimensional space and take a look from inside or outside the particlesystem. Fun for the whole family. Dont like the song? Just use antoher one. Dont like the spread count? Just use another one. Dont like the particle shape. You guessed it! Use another one!

“I love it. The moon has nothing on VVVV 3D Audioparticlemeteors™” ~ Neil Armstrong

“The most trippy experience of my life” ~ Albert Hofmann

“I don’t know, it’s kinda bland” ~ Nobody

VVVV 3D Audioparticlemeteors

a gift from my dimension to yours~ <3

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