The Kinect Drawing

October 4, 2017 Perihan Rashed and Katharina Moser

The Kinect Drawing

This project focuses on translating motion detection in a creative way.

The Virtual Painter, is a project that allows its users to digitally draw/paint using the Kinect. Through motion detection, the drawing is being projected on a canvas.

The program has left and right modes, for left and right handed users. As soon as the kinect detects the human body, it allows it to draw with one hand change the colors with the other one . Moreover, you can erase/reset the canvas through separating your legs.

The project is divided into 3 sub patches. The the first one includes the right and left modes, the interface and colors. The second one includes the skeleton and the Kinect and lastly the third one is for the distance calculation. 

The aim of the project is to combine gaming and creativity.

The drawings are meant to be projected on a big canvas/wall for everyone to observe and have fun with it.

Credits to:
Kathi Moser & Perihan Rashed

Eine Produktion der Fachhochschule St.Pölten
Lehrveranstaltung Modulare Medienprogrammierung 
Masterstudiengang Digitale Medientechnologien 
LV Leitung: Matthias Husinsky

, games, interactive, visuals