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October 14, 2015 Gabriela Lucano









I created Speech Index for easier navigation through famous speeches, for example Martin Luther King´s known speech “I have a dream” which has a duration of 20 minutes. The user can directly jump to interesting speech passages by clicking on keywords. The size of each keyword denotes its importance.

Speech Index is based on the “Textdiagramm”, a treemap with Faust Text from Generative Gestatung: www.generative-gestaltung.de/P_3_1_4_01
These are the steps for the patch of the Speech Index in vvvv:
1) I made a term extraction of the repeated words from  the text of the speech of Martin Luther King, for this I used an online tool: fivefilters.org/term-extraction/
2) I worked with an excel file with all the keywords (252) I received from the term extraction to order by occurrence
3) I chose the 25 most important keywords (the word “Negro” word was repeated 13 times until the word “dignity” that was repeated 2 times)
4) I cut manually the parts of the speech where the first 5 words are mentioned (dream / Negro / freedom / freedom ring / nation)
3) For the rectangle shapes and colors I used the “treemap patch 2D” from vvvv plugins
4)  For the audio, I used “09playback making audioplaylist” patch from vvvv girlpower to play the parts of the speech from the directory “data”

The patch works with the keyboard and the mouse but first rightclick to load in the patch and analyze the text file.

1: toggle playback mode
left: previous track in playback mode
right: next track in playback mode

left-click on keyword: play speech snippets for that keyword


Eine Produktion der Fachhochschule St.Pölten
Lehrveranstaltung Modulare Medienprogrammierung
Masterstudiengang Digitale Medientechnologien
LV Leitung: Matthias Husinsky

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