Weather visualization with VVVV

October 14, 2014 Aleksandar Palic

Weather visualization with VVVV

I made this video to demonstrate one of the many awesome uses of VVVV. In this patch I grabbed data from the openweathermap API using the http node and a third party json parser node and created a minimalistic visualization based on the weather description and degrees.

Basically there are various background images for every type of weather like clear sky, rain or even fog. There have also been used special fonts for the visualization which can also be found in the assets folder. I tried to stay modularized and exported functionality like the weather API call or the time transformations into a subpatch. Also the different animations are at least grouped together so that the patch stays readable.

As for the animations themselves, they are all made directly in VVVV with basic shapes like quads, pillows or various transformations with LFOs, waveshapers and more.

Note: Timezones are not changing as the patch is not finished yet and it would require an additional API to get the timezones per city.

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