January 7, 2012 Melanie Massinger


Betreuung: Klaus Temper

Die interaktive Weste FatCatZero macht Musik durch Berührung des leitfähigen Stoffs. FatCatZero is an interactive wearable realized with the Arduino Lilypad. This hoodie is using the Lilypad mainboard and battery module as well as 6 LED-modules, a piezo-speaker and conductive fabric/thread. To control the sound and light modules, fatCatZero uses a soft circuit leading to two patches of conductive fabric sewn to the insides of its front pouches. With placing your hands onto both of them, the circuit gets completed and the data of how conductive you are can be used to influence the emitted sound and/or light.

Link zur Projekt-Webseite: fatcatzero.feloidea.com/

, electronics, interactive